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Fund Raising Committee Report

The Fund Raising committee met on July 22, 2008. Pat, Marguerite, Molly Jean and Monica attended. Jill and Lee were absent. The group appointed Marguerite as chairwoman. We agreed on the following suggestions to present at our September meeting, where the members will vote whether to continue:

1. We suggest holding our local plant sale on May 17 at the library, incorporating the following ideas: Divide the shady area next to the fence into at least 3 parts to present more tomatos and vegies, native plants, other perennials and annuals and Garden Art. A victory garden theme and display would be a nice feature. Ask for sales displays from Grandpa's Nursery, Guatay Mtn. Nursery and perhaps Kniffings. Request the managers of those places to speak about an educational topic at specified times during the day. Do not charge for the sales area, possibly suggest a donated percentage of their sales. Request club members to make educational garden or craft displays or presentations (for example: how to make a owl or bluebird house, how to set up a sprinkler system, etc.) Ask 'Friends of Library' to present gardening and related books for display and sale (funds to go to Friends of library.)
Hold a craft day for members and have them paint decorative garden signs, build birdhouses, paint rocks, paint attractive garden labels or ??? to sell at the plant sale. We recommend a budget of $??? for advertising and purchase of sign and craft materials. A plant sale chairperson needs to be appointed in September to begin planning the sale.

Note: At our September business meeting, the club voted to hold the plant sale as recommended. Monica volunteered to be chairman of the Plant Sale committee, and the fund raising committee will do double duty doing plant sale planning.

2. We ask the club to consider adding a 'garden tour' activity to the plant sale. This would be a ticketed activity; tickets could be sold prior to and at the plant sale. Gardens would be open to visitors March 17-18. Gardens would not have to belong to a garden club member. A special Garden Tour Committee would handle all tour planning and arrangements, and the chairman for this group needs to be identified in September.

Note: At our September business meeting, the club voted not to have a garden tour at this time, but to consider it after the annual plant sale becomes established.

3. We urge the club to select one 'Public Relations' person who will place articles with local newspapers, organize a 'poster creation' activity, place posters and signs in local areas. This advertising activity will benefit the Daffodil project, membership activities and the plant sale. One person would develop resources for presenting our club activities to the public and the office should be continued into future years.

Note: At our September business meeting, the club voted to add this office to our board. Pat volunteered for this permanent position.

4. We would hate to see the club focus on fund raising activities to the detriment of the club. All club events should continue to be enjoyable for members, and no one should be pressured to take part in plant sale activities. At the same time, if you vote to hold the sale, please participate in some part of the work for setting it up.

5. Other fund raising ideas presented at the last 'ways and means' group meeting were discussed. We will continue to enjoy club raffles when someone donates things to be raffled, but will not purchase items to be raffled. This brings in some money, but is more about enjoyment. T-shirts, gloves, calendar and other materials were considered to be too labor and inventory intensive at this time. There was some interest into writing a book about gardening or member gardens. The committee will consider this possibility at it's October meeting. Marguerite will check on the potential for accepting advertising on the WEB page and report back to the committee in October.

Note: Advertising pop-ups bring in only a few pennies per click and our viewing audience is very small. This is not a useful action at this time. Another approach might be to approach local vendors and ask them to pay for an ad.

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