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Minutes of the Descanso Garden Club: July 10, 2008            

Minutes submitted by Heather R., Secretary.

Pat B called the meeting to order at 4:00 in the garden of Nancy M.  There were 13 members present.  Connie Beck, teacher and lecturer, presented an informative talk on plant propagation from seeds and cuttings.  Her favorite book on the subject is “Plant Propagation”, DK Publishing 1999.  She explained that seed propagation often results in failure because seeds may not be good or the seeds are planted too deeply.  Connie brought various cuttings to share and described  how to make a cutting, the type of soil (one half perlite and one half potting soil is a good choice), method of watering ( should include a light spray on the leaves), and planting (should be pressed hard  into a container with good drainage).  Rooting hormones help on woody cuttings. 
The meetings of the June meeting were read. Motion to approve was made by Marguerite, seconded by Molly Jean and approved unanimously.
Marguerite reported there is xx in the general fund and xx in the daffodil account.

Unfinished Business
Members signed up for at least one of the four committees (fundraising, membership, daffodil or programs) that were discussed at the June meeting.  On the DGC web site, Marguerite will report on each committee’s work if the information is passed on to her.
Pat B explained that the Iris order will be shipped at the end of August.

New Business
After speaking to Mike Martin, Monica asked for feedback on using a small area at Granville’s place to benefit the garden club.  Water and a section of land would be provided and the club could perhaps help with landscaping some of the grounds.  Monica would like to propagate plants for selling. Other ideas put forward included demonstration of plants that will do well in Descanso, and a community or pioneer garden.  A committee was formed.

Marguerite suggested a fifteen minute general discussion of plants (success or failures) follow the general meeting.

Molly Jean will send Pat an example of a meeting agenda

On August 31, Our Lady of Light will have its barbeque, and it was suggested that the garden club might want to rent a booth.  No decision was made.  Meeting was adjourned and members enjoyed Nancy’s  beautiful garden and refreshments.  Next meeting will be Terry's house.

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