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Minutes of the Descanso Garden Club: September 11, 2008  

Minutes submitted by Heather R., Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at the Descanso Library by Pat B.  There were 13 members and one guest in attendance.  Minutes were read and approved after one correction.  Treasurer , Marguerite, reported that the balance in the bank account was xx with an additional xx in the daffodil account.  Fifty dollars was approved to pay for a garden bench for Descanso Elementary School.  The motion was made by Terry and seconded by Betty.

The program was Composting 101 by Linda H.    The informative power point presentation covered passive and active composting, types of composting containers, ingredients to add to the mix as well as those to avoid, tools that help, and also mulching.  Linda will e-mail a copy of her power point presentation to members who contact her.

Old Business
Reports from the committees that were formed this summer were given.
   Fundraising:  This committee was chaired by Marguerite who passed out a list of suggestions prepared  by the committee.   The suggestions were voted on by members in attendance at today’s meeting.
      1.Motion was made by Marguerite and seconded by Pat to have  a local plant sale at the library on  May 17th.  This motion passed.
      2. Motion made by Marguerite and seconded by Monica to have a tour of several Descanso gardens at an additional charge as part of the plant sale.
This item was not approved.  It was decided to have the garden tour perhaps next year.
      3. Motion was made by Monica and seconded by Linda to have plant sales at both the Viejas Sage and Songbird Festival and at the Descanso Library.  This was not  approved.  It was felt that doing two sales would require too much man power (woman power).

The plant sale committee was formed.  Monica agreed to be the chairperson with Pat (volunteering her yard to store the sale plants), Linda (volunteering her truck to haul the plants to the library sale), Molly Jean and Marguerite making up the rest of the committee.  Pat and her husband, Eric, will publicize the plant sale and be the P.R. chairpersons.
   Program Committee:  A survey was passed out to the members in attendance.  Each person checked the subjects that would be of interest to them and returned the survey.
   Membership:  Monica and the committee came up with ideas that would hopefully boost membership.  Several of the ideas overlapped those of the fundraising committee.  Ideas that were put forward include the following:
Passing out baskets with seeds,  membership applications, information etc. to new people in the area, putting  Descanso Garden Club information in the local resources book that is kept at the library, making a new sign, placing meeting notices in the Pine Valley newspaper, Descanso Town Hall newsletter etc, placing invitations ( perhaps with seeds attached) to join the garden club.  Monica passed out an example of an invitation.  In addition,  a sign about our meetings could be placed at I8 and Japatul Valley Rd, putting flyers around town,  making seed packages to give away perhaps at the parade, encourage members to bring friends and offer discount in membership or special offers.
    Mike Martin’s Land:  It was reported that the committee had picked out a small area on his land  to propagate plants for the plant sale.  Water will be available, and materials needed to make cold frames (old doors and wood) are there.\
    Daffodil Committee:  Six members were surveyed on a proposal to purchase 1000 bulbs for $282 thru Grandpa’s Mt. Nursery.  All comments were positive and so the group agreed to proceed.  Planting at the library, Sherilton Valley, etc  will take place after the first soaking rains.
Next meeting will be a Halloween party at Tina’s house on Oct. 30th.
Meeting was adjourned at approx. 6:00 pm.

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