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Minutes of the Descanso Garden Club: November 13, 2008  

Minutes submitted by Heather R., Secretary.

Meeting was called to order by Linda H., vice president, at 4:00 in the Descanco Library meeting room.  There were 20 people in attendance.  Mel Hinton, president of the San Diego Audubon Society, presented an  interesting  program on how native plants can attract butterflies and birds to a garden.  Using a powerpoint presentation, he explained that by using California natives a gardener can conserve water, lower maintenance time and restore native habitats.  A California garden should look like California.  The speaker highlighted several plants including California fuchsia, toyon, ceonothus, California wild grape, black sage and buckwheat.  The best time to plant a native is in the fall.  A one gallon plant is a good size, and the hole should be filled with water twice before planting.
An excellent source of  plants and seeds is the California Native Plant Society.

Old Business:  In January, meetings will resume with the different committees.  Check on the web site for program schedule and add information about your gardening experiences etc. to the blog.  Terry G. passed out thank you notes for the money used to purchase a garden bench that was placed at the Descanso Elementary School.

New Business:  Monica was thanked for making the sign that was placed by the freeway exit.  At least one visitor mentioned that the sign was why she knew about the meeting.  Several of the local papers, also, had a notice about the gardening club meeting.  A new membership list was passed out.  Jennifer R. explained that Descanso Elementary wants to establish a school garden, and she is helping them to accomplish this goal.  Jennifer would like to purchase some apple trees and needs money for the project.
Terry G.moved that the Descanso Garden Club would donate twenty-five dollars for the apple tree fund.  The motion was passed.  Individuals can also give a donation.  Molly Jean said that she needs five gallon pots for her lilac plants for the spring sale.  One gallon pots are also needed.  Friends of the Library want to thank the gardening club for suggesting that names be placed by the plants in the library garden.  Names will be painted on rocks.
Lee shared seeds and Iris cuttings.  Monica provided rocks and cut wood so that members could begin making signs for the spring sale.  Christmas party will be at Marguerite’s house.  Please bring a hors d’oeuvres or a dessert and a gift (costing eight to ten dollars or less).  Meeting adjourned at 5:30.

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