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Minutes of the Descanso Garden Club: January 8, 2009 

Meeting was called to order at the  Descanso Library by Pat Beheim.  There were 5 members and two guests in attendance.   An income statement was passed out to each member.

Old Business
Reports from the committees were given:

    Daffodil committee:  Ruth reported that 250 bulbs were planted across from the post office by 5 members (Erik B., Pat B., Molly Jean F., Terry G., and Heather R.     150 bulbs were planted along Hwy 79 and at the Descanso School by Terry G and 100 were planted on Viejas Blvd by H. Reed.  Phoenix House will plant 500 bulbs.  A decision was made to place a sign in Sherilton Valley indicating the daffodil bulbs were a project of the Descanso Garden Club.  Ruth will try to get a discount on the sign from the business by Perkins Store.  Information on the daffodil project will be placed on the blog.

    Fund Raising:  The plant and craft sale will be on Sunday, May 17th, from 9-3.  Propagation from seeds and cuttings should be starting for the May sale.  In addition, wooden painted signs and rocks, etc, will be made at the April meeting and another separate work project day.  Pat B. will do the advertising for the sale and also for the daffodil project.

    Program Committee:  February’s program will be presented by Ted Kniffing and March will be Jennifer R. talking about her landscape business.  April will be a craft day for the May sale.

     Membership Committee:  Sign by the road is bringing in new people.  In the future, perhaps we could advertise the meeting in local papers and put the information on Craig’s List.

New Business
This was an educational meeting with members discussing their favorite plant catalogs.  Pat B. also shared some good web sites.  The consensus was that a garden center or nursery was better for purchasing live plants. 

Two visitors (Kim K. and Bonnie P.) introduced themselves and discussed some of their favorite  plants and also some of their garden problems.

Chris Bledsoe from B and B Productions (445-9090) shared his design for a Descanso 91916 t-shirt.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:30.  Next meeting will be Feb 12th.

Respectfully submitted by Heather R.

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