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Minutes of the Descanso Garden Club: February 12, 2009 

   Pat B. called the meeting to order at 4;00 pm  at the Descanso Public Library.   There were    people in attendance and 3 became new members.  Michelle from Descanso Mercantile came by to remind us about the Garden Days at her store.

Program:  Ted Kniffing presented a very informative program on roses.  He is mainly an organic gardener who uses Dr. Earth products.  His nursery started in 1929 and has been in several locations in San Diego County before settling in Blossum Valley.  For the Descanso area, he suggested pruning roses between March 15 and April 15.  His nursery has the largest selection of roses in Southern California.  He explained that Double Delight, Mister Lincoln, and Iceberg are the best selling roses.  There is less problems with mildew and rust in the mountain areas.  His favorite climbing rose is Don Juan.  Patents on roses last 20 years.  Some of the newly patented roses were shared using catalog pictures.  After May 15th, roses can be propagated using cuttings that are placed in a combination of perlite and potting soil.  Worm casting and soil soup will increase the number of blooms, Sluggo will help to control snails, and watering by drip or by hand every 3rd day during the warm months will increase the number of blooms.  The hotter the weather the smaller the blooms.   He strongly recommended visiting the Water Conservation Garden and also the rose garden at Barona.

     Ted Kniffing also explained that fruit trees for our area should be selected that need 600 chilling hours or more.  Otherwise, the trees will bloom too early and not produce fruit.  Kniffing’s Discount Nurseries is planning a Carne Asada potluck for March 21 and there will be speakers.

Old Business: 

Minutes were read by Heather R. and accepted after two program corrections.  Marguerite E.  reported  that the treasury account has $2669 and $500 in the daffodil account.  This is a nice increase from the amount at this time last year.

New Business:  Pat B. reported that information on the Descanso daffodils would be sent to four newspapers.  Members were encouraged to register for the blog on the Descanso Garden Web site.  Please notify Marguerite after you have signed up.  Marguerite E. reported that Grandpa’s Mt. Nursery will have a new advertisement on the web site.  It will give a list of available trees and offer free delivery and a discount to Garden Club members.  Pat B. will try to get an article in The Reader about the plant sale.  Ruth D. put a sign about the daffodils by the Phoenix House.  The sign was made locally by the store next to Perkins, and the club was given a discount.  Molly Jean F. reported that daffodil bulbs are now .25 at Grandpa’s.  Marguerite E. and Pat B. reported that they can store the more tender plants for the plant sale.  People will be needed to help set up tables etc. for the plant sale in May.  Monica took orders for Red Spider Lilies.  Meeting was adjourned at 5:30.  Respectfully submitted by Heather

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