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Minutes of the Descanso Garden Club: January 14, 2010 

   The meeting at the Descanso Library  was called to order by Vice President, July Inskeep.    There were 18 people in attendance including two guests.  Tina L. presented two thoughts for the day

Treasurer’s Report:

Marguerite distributed the monthly financial report.  Because of a class, Marguerite announced that she will miss the next five meeting.  Please e-mail or phone her to make arrangements for approved reimbursements. She made a motion stating that the Descanso Garden Club should join the Descanso Town Hall Association.  This was seconded and approved.  Terry G. then made a motion that our Club should join the Friends of the Descanso Library.  This was also approved.  Marguerite will write checks for both memberships.

Committee Reports: 

Newsletter:   Marguerite will try to include something about our club in the Town Hall Association newsletter.

Daffodil Committee:   Ruth reported that Banner (that was found) is now up and the other will be placed at the school.  Descanso school children did a good job planting the daffodils at the entrance to the school.  Some members joined in the planting across from Perkin’s Store. Daffodils were also planted by the Town Hall, Phoenix House, and the Chapel of the Hills.

Ways and Means-Plant Sale:  Marguerite, Pat and Monica.  It was reported that the next plant sale will be Saturday, May 15th, at the Descanso Town Hall.  Friday will be the set up day.   Volunteers from the  Phoenix House will help with set up and tear down.  Booths will be ten dollars, and Grandpas’ Mt. Nursery and Guatay Nursery will take part again this year.  At the sale, tickets will be sold ($1.00 each or 6 for $5.00) for the various door prizes.  Monica will be in charge of refreshments.  Members of the Gardening Club need to start plants now—can use old plant pots, six packs, Dixie cups, can litter boxes. Cut off water bottles etc.  Laminated 8 ½ signs for the various plant categories and also venetian blind slats dipped in colored paint will be used for pricing.  July reminded us that Iris were very popular last year and that members should  may try to find flea or thrift store plant related items that could also be sold.  Eileen, a visitor, asked whether quilts, wall hangings with a plant theme etc  could be sold .  The consensus was that it would be OK, but no vote was taken. If you want to participate as a vendor, please call Marguerite.

Old Business

Judy I. made the motion that $200 be allotted for the plant sale expenses.  This was seconded and passed.   

New Business

Tina L. mentioned the spring Master Gardener classes on March 27th at the University of San Diego. 

Also, Tina would like members to be thinking about wearing an “ugly Christmas” sweater for a contest next December .  If you do not have a sweater, perhaps a thrift store find will work for you 

Monica reported on the dead tree removal in the area. 

Eileen suggested looking for plant related  thrift store items.  Leftovers and non plant items could be given to the Friends of the Library.

Linda H.  presented a power point presentation on Seed Balls. She hopes that members will help to make them.

Announcement:  Pine Valley is trying to start a Community Garden. 

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