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Minutes of the Descanso Garden Club: April 8, 2010 


President, Pam Jessop, called the meeting to order at the Descanso Public Library. There were 23 in attendance including several visitors. Linda H. read three thoughts related to Spring gardening, and Pam gave the flower tip of the day. Vice President, Judy I., introduced our speaker, Karen England, who is an authority on herbs and lavender

 Explaining that a different herb of the year is selected by the International Herb Association, Karen informed us that dill is the herb for 2010. She passed out bread so that we could try her dill dip which was delicious. She went on to explain that herbs last better when stored in a dark container. Covering some information on bay, calendula and roses, Karen spent her remaining time discussing lavender. Lavenders likes well-draining soil ( this can be accomplished by planting on a mound of soil or on a slope), no fertilizer, full sun, and little water (no wet feet “roots”). Plants are available in purple, blue and yellow. It is difficult to propagate lavender from cuttings. A good time to prune lavender is in the Fall, and each plant should be cut back about 1/3 of its total volume so that it won’t be woody. Karen’s informative program ended with a plant sale.

Marguerite gave the financial report. (Because of a class, Marguerite will miss the next few meeting.  Please e-mail or phone her to make arrangements for approved reimbursements.)

No other old business.

Peggy S. mentioned the community garden that is being started in Pine Valley. She asked if Pine Valley could be involved with Descanso’s sale on May 15th. Pam J. made the motion and Judy I. seconded it. The motion passed unanimously. It was suggested that Pine Valley participants help with the bake sale.

Molly Jean shared her idea of having signs that would be placed in member’s gardens (especially if their yards were looking good). Members liked the idea, but were undecided what to make the signs out of (i.e. wood, metal, cloth etc). Pam J. will report back on the subject of the sign.

The meeting ended with a garden quiz.

Vegetables with Dawn McKinney.


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