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Minutes of the Descanso Garden Club: May 13, 2010 


The meeting was called to order by Pam at 4:05 in the Descanso Public Library.   There were 16 people in attendance  After Pam presented the thought for the day, Judy introduced our speaker, Dawn McKinney.  Dawn works at Kniffing’s Nursery, is a horticulturist, and lives locally.

 Taking questions from those in the attendance, she explained that her interest and expertise was in organic vegetable gardening. Calcium helps to set the fruit on tomatoes and squash and a good source is Folical and Liquid Thrive. She recommends watering deeply once at week unless it is exceptionally hot. A good way to determine the watering needs of tomatoes etc is to look at the plant in the early morning to see if it is wilted. Celebrity, San Diego, and Cherry tomatoes work well in the Descanso area. Quarter inch hardware cloth helps to keep out varmits. On Saturday mornings at 7:30, Ted Kniffing has a garden program on radio 1210.

No report this month.

Pam J. brought up the idea of having the business meeting first before the speaker.  It was decided that the members like the speaker first. 

Information on the May flower of the month, the Lily of the Valley, was presented by Pam. 

Judy explained the need for a nominating committee to be set-up for the new elections.  After Pam attempted to get one formed and all appointees declined,  Pam  decided that Linda Good would be the nominating chairperson and most current officers  were willing to continue in their position next year. 

Jean H.  suggested that it would be worthwhile to have officers serve up to 4 years.  Pam explained that the bylaws need to be amended.  She will E-mail the suggested chances to the bylaws. 

Pam will also look into why 3 members are not getting the agenda thru their E-mail.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:50.

Wine and cheese tasting party at Tina's.


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