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Minutes of the Descanso Garden Club: June 10, 2010 


In a beautiful garden setting at Tina’s house, the meeting was called to order with 10 members present.

Marguerite presented a summary of the club’s financial report.  The income from the garden sale was $1167.   .

Linda G. reported that all officers are willing to continue in their current position for another year. Pam made a motion that officer’s term limits will be a maximum of four years and Judy seconded the motion. The motion passed. Several members had voted earlier by E-mail.

It was pointed out that the dues for the year ($25) are past due for most members.

Marguerite made the motion and it was seconded by Linda G. that $300 be transferred to the Daffodil Fund, and the motion passed.

Judy I. pointed out that the Town Hall Association needed to be thanked for letting our club use the area rent free for the garden sale. She made a motion asking that $100 be given to the Town Hall Association and Linda G. seconded it. In addition to the $100, the secretary was requested to write a thank you letter to the Association.

It was also agreed that Carmen Dale should be given a free year’s membership in the club along with a thank you note for providing the shade covers and also some plants for the sale.

Thanks yous were expressed to the plant sale committee (Monica R., Marguerite E., and Linda H.) who did an outstanding job in organizing the event. The group has kept careful files on the sale that should make next year’s sale much easier.

Here is a summary of comments made about the plant sale: All in attendance agreed that the sale went well. The club needs to change the way it deals with the vendors. The location of the sale at the Town Hall worked well. Plants need to have name and color of bloom clearly marked. Plastic knives etc. worked well for pricing. The club needs to get a committee formed for next year’s sale. Plant propagation needs to begin earlier so that the plants are large enough and well-rooted. The common purple iris should not be potted in soil, but sold as tubers (perhaps in a bag). Judy and Pat are willing to store the containers (pots) for next year’s sale. Pat B. explained that she needed soil, and Judy said that she could provide. Judy likes to start plants in the 6 packs so save some for her. If a club member is in need of a garden related item, Marguerite said that she could print the information on the web.

Tina suggested that we should use some of the Club’s money to sponsor a “fun event”—maybe a field trip and lunch. Ideas put forth included Simpsons, Balboa Park, Julian, Barona Rose garden, Water Conservation Garden, etc. Marguerite made the motion that an event be scheduled for next spring in place of one of our regularly scheduled meetings. It was seconded by Judy and passed unanimously.

Another motion as made that DGC take part in the July 10th Descanso Parade and this too passed. Judy will provide the flat bed and Pam will provide the truck. Float needs to be decorated and in line by 8:30 am. Judy made a motion that the DGC sponsor the “most creative” trophy in the amount of $25 and Marguerite seconded. The motion passed.

Marguerite would like us to think how we can help the Descanso School and Jennifer’s project there.  Some ideas included a program presented by a garden club member or a member could be a docent there. 

Another idea was to hire a speaker (perhaps a well known authority on gardening) to present a program at the Town Hall in  hopes of enticing more community members into gardening or perhaps joining our club. 

Judy brought up the fact that the club needs a parliamentarian.  The Executive committee will meet to work this out. 

Pat asked if anyone was willing to put up flyers about the DGC’s meetings and also put up the sandwich boards at the school and near Perkins.  Nancy will take over the job. 

Meeting was adjourned and a special thanks to Tina for her hospitality.

Next meeting will be a Judy’s house, and we will be making mosaics.


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