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Minutes of the Descanso Garden Club: August 12, 2010 


Twenty members and one guest of the DGC met at the Guatay Nursery.

 Following the meeting, Lori gave an informative and enjoyable tour of her nursery.

Marguerite reported the bank balance.

Pam reported that the Town Hall Association mailed the club a thank you for the $25.00 that was sent to sponsor a trophy for the parade.

A motion was made and passed for the Descanso Garden Club to renew the Town Hall association membership. Marguerite will write a check to the Association.

The DGC’s float won first place for most creative senior division. Pam shared the award plaque with the group and will ask the Library’s staff if it can be hung in the meeting room. In addition to the plaque, the club was given twenty–five dollars.

Shirley stated that the reflective address signs are working well.  She passed out forms to apply for the signs. 

Pam adjourned the meeting at 4:30.

Judy explained our September meeting which will be held again at Guatay Nursery. The meeting will be a hands-on individual alternative garden project taught by Toni. Members should bring a container and the club will supply the soil. We can bring our own succulents or buy them when we arrive at the nursery.


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