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Minutes of the Descanso Garden Club: September 9, 2010 


The meeting was called to order by Marguerite E. at the Guatay Nursery. There were 13 people in attendance.

 Toni Fusco, an artist and craft person, presented an entertaining program on making a vertical plant container by using a plastic pipe (sewer) drilled with holes and a saucer planter at the top. The holes in the pipe and the saucer pot were planted with sedums. She began the project by threading a drip hose inside the pipe and then filling it full of dirt. Toni’s humorous presentation was fun for those in attendance. Following her presentation, members could plant their own containers with succulents or sedum. It was a fun and enjoyable afternoon.

Marguerite reported the bank balance.


Monica reported that Descanso’s librarian, Peggy Machado, will be retiring and her party will be at the Descanso Town Hall on Sept. 25th. Monica made a motion that the Club supply centerpieces for the party. Terry seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Linda made an additional motion that a gift certificate from Guatay Nursery be presented to Peggy and her husband, Norm. This also passed.

The business meeting was adjourned at 5:05 and then was recovened so that Linda H. could make a motion that a check for $25.00 be given to Lori to cover the cost of the soil and the plants used for our craft project. This passed unanimously.

Kathy Matranga will talk about flower arranging at the Descanso Library.


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