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Presentations made by club members

Recently three club members participated in a presentation at Phoenix House in Sherilton Valley. Linda displayed her slide show about snakes endemic to San Diego County and brought along her pet Rosy Boa for the students to hold and pet. Pat told the teens about heirloom tomatos and encouraged their interest in gardening. She also brought samples of 'store-bought' and heirloom tomatos to demonstrate the difference in flavor between the two types. Other community members talked about preparing our local dg-based soil to grow better vegetable gardens and led a group activity in which the students started their own straw-bale compost heap. Marguerite scheduled the activity and prepared booklets showing photos of two excellent vegetable garden examples. The Phoenix House residents seemed to enjoy the presentation and are anxious to begin planting their own vegetable garden.

In May, our own Orchid Lady, Pat, gave an excellent talk on orchids at our February club meeting. Her presentation is posted in our 'Articles' section.


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