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DGC Projects

Community members are welcome to participate in any current or future project. Our current club beautification project is Project Daffodil. We have also assisted with the Descanso Elementary School student garden and the Library. If you are a community member who would like to participate in one of these 'projects in waiting,' please write or e-mail our club president.



Project Daffodil

Single daffodil growing in a meadow.

Jay and ruth D'Spain began Project Daffodil in 1994 by with a small planting at the Descanso Welcome sign. Project Daffodil took on a life of its own and grew each year for 10 years of planting, to an estimated 35,000 bulbs planted in the community by 2004. Large concentrated plantings were accomplished at the Descanso Library, the Descanso Elementary School, the corner of Viejas Blvd and Manzanita Lane on the Brerton property, the corner of Oak Grove Drive and Boulder Creek Rd. on the Kirkwood property, The Corner of Viejas Grade Rd. at the Forestry Station, The Descanso Town Hall, The CDF Descanso Fire Station, and a most productive planting at the Descanso Red Barns sponsored by Gary McClintock. Smaller locations were planted around Descanso with a great deal of participation by individual property owners. Project Daffodil has become a part of the Descanso Garden Club's Community Service Program. Since the fall of 2007 members have planted Daffodil bulbs throughout the Community along the main roads. These bulbs were purchased with funds raised by the Garden Club and donations from the residents of Descanso.

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