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Kim's Garden (Photos taken by Kerry in May, 2012)

[Kim's greenhouse]

Kim has been in her house for 13 years and has had many changes in her garden.

Due to the loss of many of her oak trees her microclimate has greatly changed. She did plant a sycamore tree that has grown big enough to provide a great deal of shade.

Her Queen Alexandra Poppy has multiplied and can be considered a great sucess.

[Queen Alexandra Poppy] [Queen Alexandra Poppy]

The Mock Orange shrub in her side yard was in full bloom in May and had a lovely fragrance.

[Mock Orange] [Mock Orange]

Hydrangia is the plant that she has not been sucessfull in growing. Kim's favorite plant is her "Snowball".

[Calendula] [Columbine] [Columbine]
[Cranesbill] [Cranesbill] [Foxglove]
[Cranesbill] [Herb] [Iris]
[Iris] [Iris] [Colimbine]

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