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Alphabetical Listing of Herbaceous Plants for Descanso Gardens



Click on the plant name for descriptions, pictures and more information. If you are looking for a plant to fit a specific area in your garden, please use the 'Color and Size' list.

Botanical Name Common Name
Alcea rosea Hollyhock
Alstromeria Peruvian Lily
Antirrhinum Snapdragon
Aquilegia Columbine
Bellis English Daisy
Buddleia davidii Butterfly bush
Calendula officionalis Pot Marigold
Callistemon Bottlebrush
Calochortus Mariposa lily
Caryopterus Blue mist
Ceanothus California Lilac
Centranthus rubra Jupiter's Beard
Red Valerian
Chaenomeles Flowering Quince
Cistus Rockrose
Colchicum Autumn Crocus
Convolvulus Morning Glory
Cosmos Cosmos
Crinum x powellii Crinum lily
Cyclamen Cyclamen
Delphinium Delphinium
Digitalis foxglove
Dudleya Dudleya
Echevaria none
Epilobium California fuchsia
Eschscholzia californica California poppy
Fritillaria Fritillary
Geranium Cranesbill
Gladiolus Gladiolus
Hemerocallis Daylily
Heuchera Coral Bells
Alum Root
Hesperaloe Texas Red Yucca
Ipheion Star Flower
Ipmoea Morning Glory
Iris Iris
Kniphofia Red Hot Poker
Torch flower
Lathyrus odoratus Sweet Pea
Lavendula Lavender
Lilium Lily
Lonicera Honeysuckle
Mariposa Golden bowl
Splendid Mariposa
Mirabilis Four O'Clock
Muscari Grape hyacinth
Narcissus Daffodil
Nepeta Catmint
Papavar orientalis Oriental Poppy
Penstemon Showy Penstemon
Scarlet Bugler
Petunia Petunia
Phygelius Cape Figwort
Platystemon californicus Cream cups
Punica Pomegranate
Primula Primrose
Ranunculus Ranunculus
Ruellia Mexican Petunia
Salvia Sage
Scabiosa Pincushion flower
Sedum Stonecrop
Sidalcea malvaflora Checker Flower
Syringa vulgaris Lilac
Tulberghia violacea Society Garlic
Verbena Verbena
Watsonia Watsonia
Zantedeschia Calla lily

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