Sandy's Trailer Top Vegie Garden (Photos taken March - July, 2012)

[Andy's Trailer]

Andy's wood trailer was too tall, so he cut off the top, flipped it upside down, and gave it to Sandy for her new vegetable garden in Descanso.

[Trailer Top]
[Sandy's Garden]

Andy placed a weed barrier and cinder blocks underneath the trailer top before he decorated the outside with fencing.

Drainage holes were drilled in the bottom and a visqueen vapor barrier was set in place.

Additional drainage tubes were placed through the visqueen barrier and out the side.

A layer of weed block was added on top of the visqueen to keep dirt from clogging the drainage pipes.

Finally wood trim was added on the edge to hold the visqueen and weed blocker in place.

[Sandy's Garden]
[Sandy's Garden]

Sandy stained the wood and added many buckets of Judy's special manure dirt (Thanks Judy!), vermiculite, and peat moss.

Planting day was the best (isn't it always): lettuce and basil were started earlier from seed, Eowyn's tomatos, cucumber and peppers.

[Sandy's Garden]
[Sandy's Garden]

Andy added a drip sprinkler system, but Sandy still likes to go out and water the garden.

It is now July and we have been enjoying the lettuce and basil every day. We are still waiting for the tomatos, cucumbers and peppers!

[Sandy's Garden]
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